At this St Augustine Victorian House, we offer our guests a personally branded line of traditional Victorian soap and hair care products made with Tea Olive, a classic Southern shrub that blossoms wonderfully fragrant flowers. We also have the soap for sale, so if you like it, ask about taking some home with you!

The Victorian era was famous for home remedies. Exercise, cleanliness, and good skin care were as important in the 19th century as today, as evidenced by the 1827 publication of Le Necessaire Des Dames Veritable Tresor (loose translation–the necessary veritable treasure for ladies), a 4-inch-long, 4-volume pocket guide, so to speak, on everything from hygiene advice and home remedies, the remnant of vintage French society offers a pocket-size masterclass on dominating stain removal, perfumery, split-ends, and pest control!To fight wrinkles in the 1800s, one might be encouraged to use an overnight facial mixture containing onion juice, honey, and melted wax. If unpleasant breath was a problem, it was popular to rinse your mouth with alum and water. Soaps, cosmetics, and lotions often contained lead oxide, which of course was not at all healthy, and so it made more sense to follow a natural and safer regimen. Even though it was a grueling task in the 19th century Victorian home — making soap with an olive olive oil base — today, we celebrate its simple elegance.

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