This Is What to Do at the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine

You’ll find history, adventure, and intrigue at the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, Florida. Visit this local attraction and uncover how our beautiful city came to be through the park’s fantastic interactive exhibits. And, if you’re hoping to learn even more about the area, take a look at our complimentary Vacation Guide to St. Augustine. It outlines all of our favorite restaurants, more attractions, events, and outdoor activities to fill up your trip with fun. Your Florida adventure begins here!


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Explore These Fascinating Exhibits at the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine

1-The Spring House

When you visit the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park over your weekend getaway, it’s imperative that you visit The Spring House. This coquina holds the actual Fountain of Youth, which dates back to 1868 and is considered the oldest attraction in Florida. Drink the pure mineral water from Juan Ponce de Leon’s Spring for a taste of eternal hope.

2-The Blacksmith Exhibit

Become entranced by an authentic interpretation of blacksmith techniques from the 1500s at the Blacksmith Exhibit. Behold as iron is molded into Spanish-Colonial style equipment from the 2,500-degree forge before your very eyes. It’s a unique exhibit you have to experience.

3-The Timucuan Village

The Timucuan Village was a small, but thriving Indian village home to The Timucua. Take a walk through the reconstructed site and learn how the Native Americans created pottery, formed tools out of shells, and used fishing and hunting techniques. You can also go inside a replica of a traditional home of the Timucuan to get a glimpse into their family life.

4-The Watchtower

Another attraction you should see at Ponce De Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park is The Watchtower. At the time of the European settlement in St. Augustine during the late 1500s, the spyglass hadn’t been invented. So, the only way to keep watch for potential threats was the old fashioned way: to man the tower with those who had the best eyesight! Climb the watchtower and see if you would have had a sharp enough eye to spot boats far off on the horizon.

5-Cannon Firing

When the Spanish explorer Pedro Mendez de Avil arrived in St. Augustine, he came with plenty of artillery. The park offers hourly demonstrations using their earth-rocking cannon, a replica of what was used during the settlement of St. Augustine. You’ll experience an adrenaline rush unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

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